Am I Lasting Too Long

normally my bf would come withi 5 minutes of sex, even when i'm on top..even more so actually. is there much i can do?? we talk about it alot he brought it up himself or i wudnt have said anything.

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The old man in white represents 'wisdom'. The expression he had on his face was a self condemnation. You are questioning your own decision about taking the course, but perhaps it goes even deeper. Are you making wise choices in your life? The fact that he is a sort of spiritual leader indicates that perhaps you are not nurturing your spiritual life and are on a course of destruction. Not physical or career, but one of spiritual destruction. Are you are putting emphasis on the wrong things in life. I would investigate what things are truly important in life. Lay a firm faith foundation in your life now and live in a way that will make you proud of yourself.

get really bad in bed? ugly it up a bit? say horribly disgusting things during sex? ....kidding! maybe you're doing too much foreplay(i know, is there such a thing?!) but truly, there is. if you get someone too excited before hand, its not gonna last long.

You gotta calm down some and not get so excited. breath, try to think of anything else but what you're doing. I hear they have condoms that can somewhat numb your penis (not in a "I can't feel it way") to make men last longer.. Look into that.

try masturbating a couple of hours before you are with her you watch to much porn. those guys do not last for hours. they break then continue

This is funny, I found baby orjel in my moms bedroom a few years ago and asked her if she had a tooth ache. She replied; "no, your father has a pre-E problem, we use it to keep him from finishing too soon." EEEEK! Too much info for my ears!!! But hey, here I am passing it to I hope this helps! PS my mom is a RN, might wanna dab a little on the inside of his thigh to be sure he's not allergic to it first. lol wink

if you want more foreplay, tell him. when he reaches for the condom stop him and say im not ready yet. try straddling him and showing him how you like to be touched. Another thing, trojan makes climax control condoms with a lube thats on the inside so that your man will last longer and you can enjoy yourself :)

Its really not that bad because some girls will think that your a respectful person and would want to thank you. Certain girls hate when boys take into peer pressure with their friends easily because that means you are childish, but if you meet a girl you really like one day and she likes you, that might amke her like you more knowing that you have more respect for women than your friends and probably other people she has dated.

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