Why Do I Gripe At My Boyfriend So Much

I masturbate a lot, and i notice when ever i have sex i honestly don't last that long. Are they related, if not what can i do to last longer

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I'm in a rush but, I read the first part and you TOLD us a lot, but never SHOWED us a lot. Remember the rule: Show, Don't Tell. Also, remember details mean everything. And don't post your age online. If you want real advice and opinions, you wouldn't post your age.

It's all about training. There is a very useful device that can do miracles in training you to last longer. Check out www.fleshlight.com. I'm not kidding...this is a real thing that can give a real help.

if you aren't willing to teach somebody you are cheating yourself out of an orgasm and it will be all your fault. ive never had any complaints in the bedroom. but the girls im with do talk and tell me what they like and don't. and i listen. so if training is your problem. its not a problem. just talk to him. otherwise your cheating yourself out a good time.

Tell him to go to a men's clinic or a sex therapist because he doesn't please you in the bedroom since he's a minute man. If you're considering breaking up with him, it probably means that you don't love him enough to settle for mediocre sex for the rest of your life just to be with him. Nothing wrong with that so don't feel guilty. If great sex is important to you, tell him that he needs to at least try to make it better because it's REALLY important to you. If he doesn't then break up with him. You're not married yet. Break it off before you waste anymore of your time. You will always be tempted to cheat on him if he sucks in bed. It's better to break it off than to commit adultery in marriage which will cost you a lot at divorce time. **** HOWEVER think about what you might be giving up. You may find a guy who can last all night and who is incredible in bed but he may be bad with money and cheat on you and beat you and not be good husband material at all. It's a gamble. You may never find another guy with all the good qualities that this one has.

Ah well it could be anything really. And considering this is the first time circumstances happened this way, it's nothing to be concerned over. If it turns into repeated behavior...then yeah I would start to question what's causing it. But for now...just relax and get some rest.

Tell him you faked it with someone else. Try listening to Loveline. I don't know what radio channel it's on where you are at but here in Louisville, Kentucky it comes on 93.1. It has Dr. Drew on there who is an actual Doctor who talks about sex and other sexual interest. Don't worry he's not like that old woman who's on talk sex. He is actually interesting. He does say that the average for a man is about 5-10 minutes. Dr. Drew also explains that woman don't always orgasm during sex but can still enjoy it. Try listening to Loveline with him because if you say it, it's one thing but it he hears a male doctor saying it and explaining it, it means much more.

Oh H*ll No! Why do you have to finish yourself? He don't even have the decency to finsih you with his finger, tongue, toy? Girl it is time to cut him off. Let him know you have put up with him being a selfish lover for as long as you can and you are beginning to resent him and the relationship. So you need him to do whatever it takes to make sure you cum before he does. Now why is it that you know exactly how long is takes? Make sure your mind is living in the moment. And make sure you have him give you lots of fourplay (almost to the point of you having the big O ) before him even gets to stick it inside. Matter of a fact give him a taste of his own medicine for a week or so. Have him get you off with his finger or toy or tongue and then tell him you are done and will let him get some later. Make him masterbate to get his. And do this for about a week. Then sit back down with him and talk to him about how it makes you feel unworthy and unloved when he just does his thing and goes to sleep. Then after you begin to give it to him again. Make sure you make him hold off from cumming about 5 times before you let him have his big O. Good Luck to you!

He probably is too tired, but at the same time if he is playing X-box a lot you could figure he would make more time for you. Tell him if he is that tired to just lay there and you do all of the work (if you don't already). Talk to him about it at the very least though and make sure he knows how you feel. No matter how much you ladies think we can read you....I assure you that we can't (at least not the way you want us to).

You can't worry yourself everytime he doesn't respond when and how you expect him to, or you'll make yourself nuts over it. I don't think you have a concern.

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