Female Masturbationhow Do I Get My Orgasm To Last Longer

The concrete door slid open, squeaking across the floor every inch it disappeared from my sight. My involuntary actions forced my hand to shield my eyes from the blinding light. I was in a state of mental illness. Medical assistance was required for the sake of my remaining minutes. Two bulky men stepped toward me in a fierce manner. They forced their filthy hands on either side of my body. The outside looked so unfamiliar. I had been in their for what seemed so long, that seeing the outside was peculiar. Florescent lights and tile flooring, drywall ceilings and water fountains. Even though it might not be paradise to other fortunate people, it meant so much to me. Suffering from slight brain damage, my mind didn't worry too much about why I was even there. White-clothed people swarmed in and out of the building, pedestrians walked in the front doors. Still being carried, we ended up in another room. My back pressed against the leather bed, a small paper-like material lied over top of it. Latex gloves spread apart my eye, and a small beam of light flashed into it. Then the next eye. "Can you open your mouth for me please?" I had no idea what he was saying. The words came out as gibberish and I just watched his mouth flap. "Can you please open your mouth?" Realization. It hit my like a school bus. "What... what am I doing here?" I stared back up at the, "Doctor" and saw the evil look in his eye. Behind him was the same man that brought me, holding a long jagged blade. "Please sir, just calm down." "I don't want to calm down, just get away from me." My body rolled attempted to roll out of the bed, but was forced down by a powerful hand. I looked over out of the window to see where I was. "Whoa," I said, maneuvering around the blade coming down on me. The door was locked. I was in a room with insane people trying to kill me. No way out. No way out. Panic. One more time. Panic mode. Stop. Stop. No. Don't! Please! Nooooo! Nothing. Blacked out. BTW: I am only twelve. This probably isn't my best work so read my other stories after this one please.

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Don't eat sweets, bread, pasta and don't drink soda or liquor. For some reason when your blood sugar is high you don't last as long.

when he jerks it once he is done have him keep going for 2 or more minutes it desensitizes the penis and will make him last longer

Yes your husband should divorce you because you are shallow and he should find himself a good woman. And considering your schoolmate is already rubbing his thing on you, you are cheating

No. Think, if you don't masturbate it makes you hornier, so when you finnaly get sex you get really excited really quickly.... so no it's going to do the opposite. What controls latency time more than anything is the man himself. He has the most control over himself he just as to learn -Connor

You are never wrong to feel anything that you feel because you can't control it. You can't choose what you like or don't like. Tell him to get over himself.

Well,the fact that he "said" his Doctor told him it was from relationship trauma is a crock of Sh*t.There are a few reasons why he can only last 10 seconds then leave you with the mess. 1.When Males are young they tend to masturbate quite a lot.When they Masturbate their goal is to orgasm.Evidently,they Masturbate as quickly as possible to reach orgasm.They do not do it to enjoy the whole act of it,but rather just to orgasm.This causes major premature ejaculation problems. 2.Lack of stamina can be cured.I had a boyfriend when I was 18 that could last less than a minute.With practice,he lasted over half an hour!He did this by a couple methods. A) He can do this by Masturbating or sex with you.While you are having sex,right before he feels he is going to orgasm tell him to pull out and wait until the feeling is gone.Then begin having sex again,when he feels he is going to orgasm again,have him pull out again until his orgasm diminishes.Repeat over and over,this is guaranteed to build stamina. B) While you two are having sex,tell him to breathe deeply,not shallow short breaths,but long inhales and exhales,this really works. C) When he feels he is about to orgasm,have him pull out and switch positions,once he feels he is going to orgasm again,switch again. I am also figuring that the premature ejaculation is leaving you without an orgasm.Once he has built stamina after practicing these methods,try this. Have him enter you in the Missionary position.Hold a vibrator against your clitoris.The feel of the penetration and the vibrations on your clitoris will send you into Orgasm heaven without effort.Get on top of him,in the cowgirl position,have him place the vibrator on your Clitoris while you are grinding your G spot with his Penis.He can also massage your Clitoris quite nicely in this position. I would go into more detail about how he can get your G spot perfectly with his Penis or fingers,but want to stay on topic.Have him get his Stamina under control first.Message me if you need some pointers on this.I will be more than happy to help you in a totally non judgmental way. By the way,it is not in ANY way your fault:) Good Luck!

yea he will last longer when he gets more experience... ladies answer mine plz http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20100128162036AAuS53g

Contrary to what you think....sleeping with more women is only going to make things worse. If may have anxiety and guilt while doing it with other women will will cause loss of erection. Also if the other women also tease you as a 5-minute man your confidence can go for a toss. As someone who had the problem once ,my advice is to spend some time on reading and learning techniques about lasting longer in bed and practicing it with your girlfriend.I have given the one i used and it's very good.

tantric sex the teasing your body for a while with foreplay before the actual act it gets you used to holding on stopping and waiting a lot of guys who are have this problem get into that

I think it's based off what you're thinking about while in the act. You said it yourself, you're thinking about going harder and faster and boom you're finished. Focus on the pleasure, rather than the performance. Change it up a little while you're doing it, slow down a little, and pay attention to how your partner responds. It's probably something you'll have to practice at. It's good you're thinking about how to be better. While quickies definitely have their time and place, i'm sure your partner would appreciate a longer performance.

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