Girls Do You Agree That Size Matters

Im 19 about to be 20 and i know that what you see in pornography is fake. The director has to take a lot of clips to put together a movie so its not all shot in one scene. I can last about 20-30 mins easy. maybe take a 5-15 minute break and go for round 2 and maybe even round 3 on a good day. Then again i do enjoy plenty of 5 minute quickies but thats another question. So my question today is where do i stand compared to other guys my age and also other guys in other age groups. How long should i be able to last in bed?

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You are suffering on deep depression.You are not stable right now to made any decision for yourself. Wait till you grow up.

Take your time. Focus on her needs, and trying to please her. If you focus your energy on her, you will be less focused on... "the event". Also, she will be much happier.

put on lotion first, preferably the same scent. Then spray the perfume right on top of the lotion and there you go! It will last much longer :)

actually some ppl only last a few minutes and some could last long but maybe they just want to make you jealous. just ignore them.

When he's about to go have him tell you so if you're on top you can stop so he doesn't go. If he's on top have him stop. Then when he's ready and not about to go anymore go at it again. Repeat it as necessary. This will also make his orgasm better too.

It is not your fault, and guys can control there cum. The have to squeeze really hard at the top of their penis and it will stop them from cumin, well right then it will.

Sounds like you have a special boy there. What a turd. I hope your first time was special, doesn't sound like it. Do me a favor and don't take the advice of the guy above me. Porn won't help you. In fact, by the way your b/f "did you" it sounds like he is an avid porn fan. Make it last, make love. God you kids are sorry.

i would definatly rather have a guy that doesnt last very long. because i would simply give him oral first, then while he is getting back in the groove he can go down on me, this way by the time hes ready again im half way there! plus some girls, if you go too long the girl looses lubrication and it starts to hurt. so i would say switch it up. have some sex, then go down on her & let her go down on you until you are almost at the brink, then start going at it again

just pull out or slow down whenever u think u might come... lol and if ur of reasonable fitness u should be able to last a long time

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