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Soo I can go for an hour and 40 mins in bed but she says that's too long but how come all I hear from girls is how a man can never go long enough for them. I know what i'm doing and she loves it but her only problem is that it last too long, so my question is "Is 1 hour and 40 mins too long? Or would you love your guy to go for that long?"

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first off your prob. not in love your only 13. and just go with it dont try so hard and maybe things will just work out on their own

the flowers that last the longest in my house are carnations. i never add the the plant food and change the water about once a week.

Based on my personal experience, I would say its perfectly normal if you finish in 3 to 5 minutes. Normally, what i have noticed is when u do it for the first time, it ejacuates within 5 minutes, and then when erection happens again and u start last longer.. My tension free. The more you stress the less you would be able to perform. Chill and enjoy. There is no fix time of how long one would last. It depends on excitement and eagerness.

Hey Benjamin, Its normal. Look up kegel (PC) exercises and this will help you. Also, if you shot the first in like 30 seconds, then you know what to become a sex-god with a serious sexual reputation: cuddle the girl for like 30 minutes and then have another go. Second time round you will be able to last a lot longer and she will love you for it! You can do this again and again and again. My own record is 4 times. Some people can do this a lot more, others a lot less. Point is you will enjoy it, she will enjoy it and your reputation is made! Best wishes with this! Z

sometime my bf tell's me he thinks of work shit so he can hold off longer....i would talk to your bf and maybe that will help.

I love the category this ended up in. Try "Men's Health" next time. You're seventeen. You'll grow out of it. I hope you're using condoms for Christ's sake.

it is good but do not forget to slow it down some times or the reader will get confused also think of a new title it is to long and none will remember it for here is an idea Player also this is a long plot maybe try to some of the adventures to short stories or think if you can get a sequel out of it most readers like series or at least sequels

I would say to hold it until the woman orgasms, and then let it go. That way, both of you are satisfied. So it depends on who you are with.

Tell me about it. I've often witnessed a professional, serious discussion get disarmed as soon as an attractive girl walks by and catches the attention of my friends. It gets quite frustrating sometimes.

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