Can You Really Last Longer In Bed If You Are Relax Down There

How long does your man usually last in bed? If you know what I mean. :-)

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3) 40% 4) $57.50 5) 12 mm 7) 12 days 8) 3 days I don't know the other ones sorry, those are just the ones I could do in my head, I'm not sure if this will help you much but it was worth a try :)

.No it won't help.The reason being that once your sexually aroused and in a sexual position.You have two participants and one goal

Sometimes a can't go for more than 5 minutes, sometimes I want to do a marathon. It all depends on what time of the month it is in her cycle.

Does he treat you right???? you know what you need if sex is what you want.... Explore your options... You can still find the full package!!!! your only in your 30's goodness your practically still a baby

Don't know about herbal stuff but You can do what I do and rub one out an hour or so before hand that always helps, sort of numbs your knob allowing you to have sex longer or you could try to focus on the most mundane and unsexy thing you can think of, one time thinking of taking my grandparents old dog for a walk bought my girlfriend the best orgasm ever or if your into missionary try to hold yourself up with your arms a little bit of pain and strain can slow things down P.S the average female orgasm takes about 20 mins to achieve during sex if your having trouble bridging the gap try stimulating the other erogenous zones, there's more than you think P.P.S wearing a second condom can help decreasing overall sensation

masturbation,that is the bes, i did, i used masturbaion since i was 12 years old unil i get married and yes, masturbation will helpyou to get the control on your dick so you will come whenever you want, i keep doing the masturbation even now and i have been married for 3 years, my wie and all the girlsbefore my wife i had been with love how i fu*ck because i last too much, i can las as long as i want, 1 hour is just a litle, i am hard,hot, adn i do good muvvements, and i like girls to come first, so i come after the girl comes.

Ah, yes, my specialty.... take protein powder and drink diet coke and a little water. A lasting erection requires the sustained availability of cyclic Guanosine MonoPhosphate (cGMP). cGMP relaxes smooth muscle to let blood in, vasodilation. Protein powder you can get guanosine Diet coke gives phosphates (derived from phosphoric acid). a little water adds bulk to your plasma. how much diet coke? at least 3 cans of soda a couple hours prior to. water just enough to not use the bathroom. DO NOT use regular coke--excessive sugar kills a woody. try it out and have a great time! : )

Good question I remember having the same problem. As with anything else you are bad at How do you get any better?,,Practice practice practice. You most likely don't get down too many times a week so whenever you do, its a big problem because you are way too excited and finish too quick. So if this is an option and she is willing to help you out so she could get some longer than you are set. As many times a day as possible, take breaks making each other sandwiches and then repeat. You're member will sooner or later get used to the sensation and be more comfortable with it, If that too much practice is not an option try giving yourself a hand with this one. A couple of hours before your performance this will help add a couple more minutes to your performance, Porn is unrealistic most people don't have sex for hours and hours i would say 20 30 minutes is average is average most times. Unless ots a special occasion than you can dig deep for a couple more rounds before you throw in the towel .

I'm not a boy, but I'm married to one, so... He ususally says that in his teens he couldn't last long, then the doctor told him to masturbate, and everytime he should stop right before "coming", an then start again; stop, and start; over and over. It's gradual, so at first he may not hold it for too long, but maybe he goes from 15 minutes to 17, then to 20, then to 15, then to 30 in 15 days or so. My husband is 30, and he can last 2hs, when we want. xxx.

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