How Do You Increase Stamina In Your Man And Satisfaction For You

Separated, 2 different homes, working on marriage. Caught him last night at his place in bed w/another woman. He said he was doing him, doing what he needs to make him a better man for us later on. So I said fine, I will do the same & do me.Starting w/moving on! He just told me that he is doing him, so if I do the same (do me) what difference does it make if I move on if he is screwing to better him for us. Twisted, crazy & a bunch of BS I know. But why does he feel he can tell me this & I go along with it. When I do the same, it's a problem & make sure I stick to it. I really wanted my marriage to work but not under these conditions. How can he truly think sleeping around will better our marriage in the future when we do reconcile? Or continuing doing what I left 4cheatg; How stupid do he really think I am? What should I do/how should I proceed. He use the kids as a pawn to see me.My thinking is turn my phone off all weekend & avoid him as long as possible so I can start 2 heal

Incubationer LTD the middle of you two getting it on...start spinning your head around like the chick on the exorcist, and maybe if you can throw up some of that green goo which will scare the sh*t out of him and he will be so concerned about living through the tramatic event that his whole body goes stiff....and stays stiff. Scared Stiff...there you go!

All those people saying things like 4 hours are crazy. That's all I have to say. 2 is long enough for me and it's always the guy that does the most work, if you want 4 hours then you'll need to do the hard work to make up the rest of the time. 4/5 hours.....ridiculous.

Focus on something for brief moments other than the woman, like football. Or do what Austin Powers did, and say "Margaret Thatcher naked on a cold day." over and over.

That guy is right. Take it slow, and if you feel it coming, then take it out and maybe use your fingers or oral on her, then after a while put it back in. GET EM.

He has not grown up enough to worry about his kids. But one day he will and will regret not spending time with them. Dont expect him to change has life style for you. There are plenty of men who would love to be a part of a family regaurdless if the kids are theirs or are not. Oh and child support would let him know that you have had enough of his b.s.

Actually, stop masturbating AT ALL (I know it's hard) for like a week. Then have sex. You'll notice your "load" is more and it takes longer to "shoot".

Tell him to count his strokes. It helps to distract his mind. This is a tantric method from Kamasutra. He will be a tantric master once he can hit 1000. This thing works but is very hard. I myself can only hit 500 in one session without break.

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