Tips I Need Help On Lasting Longer In Bed

I'm a 20 year old male, I was wondering if anyone can help me. I've been experiencing premature ejacualtion for some time now. Its really hard for me to accept because I never had this problem ever, in fact I used to last pretty long in my past relationships. My girl said that it wasnt important to her how long i last in bed, but I still would like to get this situation handled. Any help?

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A guy can last all night in bed with a woman...if she chooses to stay with you that long. From what you've said though, I don't think you'd last five minuted before she told you to get out. But...grow up before you even try.

My wife told me that in the past few years that I was taking way too long to get the job done, when in the past it was about 30 Min's max. i too had trained my mind not to let go so fast because i thought she wanted it for a longer period of time. i had some trouble with trying to rush things up and then she took control, with some soft verbal talking. Last night it happened in 10 Min's and when i asked her about it she said "home run baby". The best part about this is now she wants to do it more often.

you aren't doing anything wrong he needs to spend some time getting you close before penetrating also they make condoms that reduce sensitivity..try that.

The Stamina Training Unit (STU) from Fleshlight was engineered expressly to help men learn to last longer in bed. If he can last 10 minutes in the STU, he can last 20 in bed with anyone!

I'm a guy...but there has to be equal credit (blame?) here. LOL If the guy is healthy and you are a good partner...and so is he. Probably the best you can hope for is 3 0's out of him...and that might take an hour or more. Hope this helps. That doesn't mean he should lay back and take a nap...he should see to your needs so that you can "0" as much as you want.

Yea, he's addicted, and probably ready for something new (sorry to say). Many men can never be satisifed with just one, even if its the one, time prevails.

it might be that you had not completely developed your pc muscles. it controls the bladder, and orgasm. try practicing kegel exercises. ©

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