How Can We Make Him Last Longer In Bed

is there anyway to get a guy to keep his load in until i'm done with him? lol i know it sounds aggresive but i'd really like to know. i'm not a guy so i feel bad cause i can't relate. i wish i was that easy to reach peak but i like peak way to much to let it go so fast. n when i say he lets it go fast i am talking like 2 minutes in fast. i really feel bad for him but i get frustrated cause then i'm left all alone. i've tried tons of stuff. that's y have have tons of advice but in my situation i haven't found a solution yet. he says he can't mentally controll it either n like i said i'm no guy so i cant relate.

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Masturbating before hand can help lengthen the tine of sex. Also if you have him wear 2 condoms it can make the head less sensitive. It will decrease the likelihood of you getting pregnant. Taking testosterone pills wont do much for him, ok? Good luck with your sex life!

WOW...... my first time i lasted like 5 minutes and felt bad. i can only say, stop trying to cum while you doit. I bet you stress your dick out trying to nut as soon as you penetrate......... Just relax your shit and let it come naturally. All I can suggest, and for the idiot's that say masturbate to practice you are fucking retarded it will make the situation worse, dumb asses.

Have you heard of male multiple orgasms?... There's a way to have orgasms without ejaculating. When you don't ejaculate, you can still have an orgasm, keep your erection and keep going as long as you want. has a guide on how to do this. Its great cause you don't lose your erection, and you can have as many orgasms as you can handle, it just takes some practice. There are also some other premature ejaculation tips and techniques on there.

You obviously don't communicate if you haven't confronted her about this from the very beginning! She should already know that this would bother you. For example; Already knowing that you like long hair, she should have definitely asked if you would like her hair very short. Then you should have said something the second you saw her haircut. How could you not be saying anything about her hair? She has to know how you feel and you have to know how she feels. She might be giving up on trying to look good for some reason and if you knew that, you could be lifting her spirits to make that change, but you have to know what the hell is going on. She also has to know exactly how you are feeling, because if it is effecting you while you're making love, this will get worse and eventually destroy the marriage. Love and marriage is you make her happy and she makes you happy! If she's doing something that's upsetting you then she better know about it so she could fix it and vice versa. If she's going to be selfish then you are headed for trouble, because you cannot be selfish in a marriage.

He might just have a short trigger. Tell him to rub one out a couple hours before sex, that should help a little bit. Oh, and ALL guys say it's never happened before with any girls they dated.

WOW!.....1 minute huh......maybe he should give you oral sex to turn you on, then instead of penetrating you, have him rub his c*ck on your clit using slight pressure and an up and down motion. Once he feels you getting wetter, he can slip it in and out and continue with more rubbing. Once your ready to come, he can stick it inside you and you can both come together. If all of the rubbing turns him on too much, have him ease off and use his fingers, one inside pressing up on your G-spot and the other stroking your clit, maybe sucking your tits as well. Then go back to the rubbing of the clit and penetration. Practice makes perfect and it pays off in the end.

With:a)kegel exercises b)the start and stop technique.. Start having sex till you are almost there:divert your mind or pull out:have more foreplay and continue having sex again:you can last this way a long time Colors

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