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I tried some yoga breathing techniques in order to last longer in bed the last time I was having sex but...either it worrked REALLY well or something was off. First off I lasted way longer than usual which was great but then I felt I was really close to climaxing so I applied the technique again, some liquid came out but it looked like it was just pre-cum, also my penis twitched like it does when I orgasm. After this happened I lasted wayyyyyy long, did I orgasm and not know it or is something wrong? It's nice to know the tantric techniques are working but I'm just curious if I orgasmed or not, my penis twitched a little but only a little bit of clear liquid came out, it looked just like pre-ejaculate and not ejaculate itself.

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if you've only been having sex 2 weeks i wouldn't worry about how long it lasts or being embarrassed about anything; you will find that most of the time one of you will have to guide it in anyway it will last longer the more used to it you both get, don't worry :) theres no need to be embarrassed as he is your boyfriend and you will get used to it before long

Well,because you have just started, it will turn you on alot more than it will 10 years or so from now. So you will brobably cum faster. A good way to train yourself is to put a towel on the end of your erection and move it up and down. If this gets easy up to 30, wet the cloth for a bit more weight. This has been proven to allow you to not only last longer in bed, but also perform better.

when your about to come stopwait about 30 seconds then do it again for about 5 times this will help you control your load.

tell him to jerk of a couple times the day you guys are going to do it helll last way longer i geuss it has somthing to do with you body not having enuf sperm or getting use to it idk makes me last longert thats all i no :P

Ok, first off, you married for the wrong reasons dont make the same mistake twice! I know you dont want a broken family, but never stay together for a child, that does not teach the child what a true family or realationship is. You need to get a divorce, I know it will be hard and lonley, but you have to do certain things to get you where you need to be, mentally emotionally and finacially. You live once, you cant take life forgranted, spending it miserable. Leave your husband, on good terms, Im sure he wont be surprised, remain civial for your child and work the custody out. I know you dont want to be alone, who does, but you need to find yourself again, and when you do, thats when you can love and marry for the right reason, and that is love, not bc you want someone there. Find someone you are compatible with, believe me, they're out there, your jsut spending all your time and energy being miserable, and you have to put an end to it. quick story- My teacher was married for 14 years in an abusive realationship, stayed affraid to be alone, finally she had enough and left, she was 42, she didnt want to be alone, so she got down on her hands and prayed for to meet her soul mate, that summer she went to FL for 2 wks, and she met a man, he was nice but even though she prayed for it, she wasnt ready for anything serious, plus she lived in pa he lived in canada, well that man she met in fl moved to pa, left his job and family on a "get to know" bases, bc even though she wasnt ready, he knew she was the one, and everyday for 2 years he brought her a rose, cup of coffee and a bagel unitl they were finally married, and they are married 14 years, and still the happiest couple I know, her qoute is "everyday is valentines day" That same teacher told me why seattle for a chapter when you can have the whole book" Dont give up, go find your happiness, and live your life, good luck!

Communication is the key to a lasting relationship. To heba- "Is there any special thing that helps relationships to last ? " is a question!! Are you totally ignorant? In case you couldn't tell, that was also a question and not a story!!

pornos are fake, you have sex and cum multiple times, ut the editors can edit, delete, and add multiple scenes, or different camera angles to make it look like they're having sex for a long time, when it's usually they last like an average man

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