How Can I Get My Husband To Last Longer In Bed

He always says it so good.. and that he can only last like 3 minutes.. I hate it.. what should I do to make it better for me.. I bf is 27.. And I am 19

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First of all; sex should not be the biggest thing in your relationship and if it is you should not be married. If you had sex before the marriage then you knew that he was a minute man and there was something else that attracted you to him. Are you willing to give that up? Have you ever heard of the 80/20 rule? You leave somebody that has 80% of what you need for a person who has 20% b/c it looked better at the time. Then you realize that you messed up when its way too late. Do you want that to be you? Think about it.

I have experience with a partner who is a "minute man". To begin with I'd suggest trying new positions. Doing inital research could end the problem before it begins; if it is something that can be curbed with pills. If it can't its a mental thing, and that can be frustrating for both partners. I can only say what I would do; that is try to work it out maybe suggest an open relationship to satisfy needs. Breaking up should always be a last resort. So if cheating won't work, just let him down gently.

Let's see...let me put on my thinking can wait another year and celebrate another year ..more time wasted waiting for him to change his cheating don't have to justify why you decided to investigate your suspicions that your man , the father of your children was cheating on you. God, you owe it to yourself and your two children to try to find out what kind of diseases he may be exposing you to. If you can try counseling as a couple perhaps you have a chance . Don't think you can't afford it ----you can't not afford it. Look in the yellow pages call , phone consultations are free...many therapy centers and therapists offer their services on a sliding fee scale based on what you can afford. I think one of the worst things you can do is think that just because you're 21 years old and may have made some unwise choices that you have to suffer a life sentence . Many woman your age start over and become happy, independent single moms who are very successful. Get yourself some educated support. Check your local university or community college...women's groups often offer contact info so you can have support and they can point you in the right direction to build a happy life for yourself and your children with or without the cheater!

I. Think. It. Is. Awesome! So does my friend. You have a really good idea. Basically, that's my family for you. Me, My two brothers... you get the idea. I think it is really good.

he's just a jerk. leave him and find a guy who won't cheat. they are out there. I have one and he's the most wonderful man and lover EVER. He's perfect for me. I would never be with a man that has betrayed me.

Play with yourself 1 hour before and cumm. Then dont be so excited think about if she cheated on you. Then whatever she has on her body like a ugly mark stir at it and then think of a mans ass when you look at hers then shake it off. lol For real just practice mastubation for a while and count the number of strokes. Get a number and test yourself your restraint like 300 strokes. Stop and reset and every hundered. You must be about 14 huh

hes probably thinking about cumming too much. he needs to concentrate on something else but still enjoy it. i heard if he flexes it, it makes him cum faster. just keep telling him dont stop it feels so good i wanna cum or something lol

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