How To Last Longer In Bed

what can i do? i last longer depending on the condom but i have ones where you can barely feel thats its there...and i like those lol what can i do to last longer in bed? i had sex like 9 times in 45 minutes....and each time lasted like 2-3 minutes uh yeah it is...we did it every lasted through the commercials...and ive had more sex than you buddy...WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY more ive tried the hole stop and go thing...shes like I WANT sitting here like dam women wtf do you want me to i just finish wait a few minutes and do it again

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your totally fine! you will last longer in bed the more times you do it..... and will get better at it too!! hoped i helped, :):)

Try jerkin it before sex. "Rub out the easy one" as they say. Or, you can get performance condoms. They are a bit thicker I think, dull the sensation a little. Durex makes some called "Performax" I believe. They also apparently have condoms that have numbing lube, but I havn't tried them.

1) Don't lie. 2) Demand oral until he can make you orgasm the other way 3) A little performance anxiety can make him last longer.

use condoms, they reduce the sensitivity. Kegel Exercises-find out what they are on the net and tell him to do them 2-3x per week. exercises in general. Weight lifting and such, they improve endurance. It's funny, my gf complains that I go hours without coming and I recently told her that girls would kill for a bf like that.

That's really odd. Maybe he's trying to make you jealous through his stupid games. He's being very immature. If you want to be immature back, tell him about all the guys who flirt with you and see how he reacts.

nope. Gotta get yours too. At least a little bit. I mean, you try to make it good for the other person. If he's not doing that then he's not willing to put your needs ahead of his. I'm not saying guys should always put your needs ahead of their own. but they should be willing to just as you should be willing to do the same for them.

You don't want to take a pill for this. Try edging. When you masturbate, bring yourself up almost to climax. And then let yourself relax. Do this repeatedly until you can orgasm at will. A little practice can really help. Good luck!

If you're enjoying it and your partner is enjoying it as well, then it's perfect (and more likely than not, you did have an orgasm).

Maybe suggest masturbation to him in order to help him gain some sex stamina. I know masturbation has helped me last longer in bed. :-]

No. Get some information i.e. books from free public or state library on Tantric Sex, Tao Sex, Zen Sex. Learn these techniques and you'll last longer. Jabril♀♂

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