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im 20 years old and talking to my girl friend about have sex for the first time ..... when i masturbate i get done pretty fast.. i was wondering how long i should last and if there is anything i can do to make me last longer. .... oh and iv never been with a girl before

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well my first advice is that you dont have to hate being a virgin and just because your friends arent virgins doesnt mean you have to go out having your mind set on being laid all the time. and just be comfortable with yourself/ body and if she has a problem with anything then shes prolley just a stupid slut whos not worth it anyways.

You didn't say whether you are hot and sexy or not. If you have been chunking up since the wedding then he might not appreciate that. Also, men don't just get it up when the wind blows. You need to dress up sexy and get on your knees for some b j action to show him that you're interested.

The only thing that concerned me in your post was ..........."she wants to spend the last moments of her life as 'lovers' with you". I hope that doesn't actually mean physical love with her..? Because I disagree with that. That aside yes you should go and say your goodbyes.

The main thing that I always do, is just relax. A lot of guys, particulary inexperienced ones, tend to tense up "down there". This tensing up causes a quicker orgasm. If you allow yourself to relax down there, you'll go longer. If all else fails, try some oral anesthetic. One of my buddies told me about that, so I tried it during masturbation. I couldn't not have had an orgasm if I tried, but I got just enough stimulation to keep going.

That happened to me about 2 years ago when I was at a new apartment I just moved into. I was unpacking and draining myself and i finally decided to crash but it was like strange....I couldnt explain what the hell was going on if i tried but I will attempt to anyway. I had a lady come to me and rub my face, she was a happy woman, it was glorious music playing in my head and it was a beautiful moment, she seemed pleased with me, i dont know who she was but then after i snapped out of it; i was standing in the same place, i think about that all the time and just a few days ago i asked myself if that was real, its strange how I found this question and to see someone else experienced that,.... I dont know what it was but I been there, too

Slow down, take it easy, don't get stressed out, calm your nerves. Buy a tube of desensitizing cream to delay blast off time.

Talk to him. Tell him to slow down. Maybe he doesn't know how to please a woman. Show him. Get it worked out. Good luck.

Maybe she's not any good at it? Or maybe you're gay? Ha no just kidding. I can tell you though, when you finally have sex I don't know of any girl that would complain about you lasting too long.

it's all will power. I start naming in my head all 32 NFL teams, by division, to get my mind off the fact my dick is about to explode

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