My Boyfriend Asked Me To Find Out What Options There Are In Terms Of Making Him Last Longer During Sex

then, I get up this morning and they're all asleep!! Where did 60 hours go????? LOL Actually, I did think it was a bit dangerous of BB to suggest such a long time. 24 hours might have been more fun, don't you think?

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20 minutes not enough? You mean with forplay? Of course, thats not enough for a horny chick like you. Give him massages and spend more time in foreplay.

Masturbating will "squeeze out that easy one" (I know, it sounds gross). This means, if you can continue to have sexual relations after ejaculating, you will last much longer than you did first. Also, try going slower, and stopping to change positions.

You probably have what they call P.E. premature ejaculation. You can find a list of treatments at Don't worry its a common problem, a lot of people suffer from it.

flex your pee stopping muscles all the time (forgive me I dont know what they are called, but if you are going pee, and you stop the flow those are the muscles im talking about). Women do them, like Kagel exercises, and you can control yourself until you'd like to be done, or your lady is done.

It's very possible. It does not mean an affair though. She may not be attracted to him anymore. I was married for 17 years and didn't have sex with my husband for the past several was a mutual choice though. I finally wised up and moved on with my life.

Try the "jerk it before you do it" trick. You could also try wearing condoms if you don't already. That's pretty much all you can do. There are numbing gels but they are no fun, trust me - they make it so you can't feel anything, and they'll numb your girlfriend as well. Not fun.

yeah i used to have this problem its a really easy solution. what you do is you take some fish line rope and tie off the two dangeling hombres. then you clamp the pecker on the end and procede to apply pressure to the top and bottom of the shaft. once you finish that cut the fish line with weed wackers and keep the clamp on (tighten if necessary.) now your gunna stick the whole thing in a freezer for about five minutes. then once that finishes drop hot as hell water on his junk and then quickly release the clamp. the first time adds about 10 minutes on to the clock. another additional 5 minutes every time you repeat.

it can happen, the more juice you have, the hornyer you are, also the faster you go the faster he comes, keep it slow maybe ?

some are true, some aren't always ture, and some are never true. Its not that funny. i give it a 4 and a half out of 5= 4.5/10. In other words, that sucks, its not that funny. you sucko

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My Boyfriend Asked Me To Find Out What Options There Are In Terms Of Making Him Last Longer During Sex

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