Would Masterbating Help Me Last Longer In Bed

Does anyone have any tips on how to last longer in bed?ive been at it a few time with my girlfriend but not for hours and was woundering if anyone had tips.?

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why are you worried about all the other men's average...you should be asking her, if it was long enough and satisfying to her. You are asking the wrong people hun...

Learn and practise kegels. Once you can do them properly, you can last as long in the sack as you please. Hours, or never let go at all if you so choose.

I know... premature ejaculation is a tough one The male multiple orgasm technique is one way you can really last longer in bed... check this out: "I had one session where I had five orgasms with the same erection, maintaining my erection after each orgasm. This allowed me to last more than enough to make my girl orgasm. There is a buildup between each orgasm, so each time you orgasm, it erases the tension, and you start from scratch…but you keep your erection the whole time." An amazing technique, to say the least

I dealt with something like that in the past, when I got too used to my right hand and had trouble with the next girlfriend. I worried she was feeling inadequate; it was frustrating because I was loving the sex (particularly the intimacy) and like you, it wasn't a big deal to me (except out of consideration for her) if I came or not. In the short term, I'd quit any other form of sexual stimulation except my wife. You should be more rarin' to go, so to speak. Also, I'd initiate a heart to heart with her (not in bed -- just bring it up) about how you feel about this and thoughts you might have about improving things. It will let her know you are concerned about this and you aren't trying to hide something from her. Tell her how wonderful she is (in and out of bed) and thank her for her patience and understanding. But truth is, there could be all kinds of causes behind your problem. Please read: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Delayed_ejaculation and perhaps something in there will ring a bell. Good luck! This isn't the worst problem you could have :-)

Sex doesn't last all that long in general, hon. What draws it out is foreplay. The actual act is usually over in 5 minutes or less. If you want to last longer, try masturbating earlier in the day. Other than that, you'll just have to wait until you're older to be able to hold out for longer. The teenage sex drive is artificially inflated, and you'll settle into your adult libido sometime in your 20s.

First step to understanding men...no one is going to read a question this long. Not even a woman, unless she's bored. I suggest you post the same question...but simplify it drastically.

He may need a doctor. or you may just be sexually incompatable. It's no ones fault. you can't make him last longer. He needs to find out if there is a problem, or if it is his nature.

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