I Used To Last Long In Bed But Recently I Canamp39t Go More Than 5 Minutes Why

okay so i cant last long in bed at all... i feel like im not giving my girlfriend the pleasure she deserves. what are some things i can do to help me last longer. or anything i can eat or drink or take to help also plz much help is needed best answer goes to the one that works

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Looks like you are into Cougars. Seriously, she is addicted to sex, she feels that is the only way she can feel something, you are young, she thinks you are good looking she is having fun with you and has somewhat of a relationship with you. As far as your other problems start with one thing at a time and tackle them all. You are way to young to be this depressed about life, having someone who is twice your age probably does not help. If youre happy with her fine, but focu on your life and your dreams and goals. you will be fine.

If they are wearing a condom and are doing it missionary position it takes around 7-10 minutes. If they are not using protection and they are in an easier position it takes about 3-10, depending on if they want to cum or not. A lot of guys can hold it in if they want to thrust a few more times.

Don't know about herbal stuff but You can do what I do and rub one out an hour or so before hand that always helps, sort of numbs your knob allowing you to have sex longer or you could try to focus on the most mundane and unsexy thing you can think of, one time thinking of taking my grandparents old dog for a walk bought my girlfriend the best orgasm ever or if your into missionary try to hold yourself up with your arms a little bit of pain and strain can slow things down P.S the average female orgasm takes about 20 mins to achieve during sex if your having trouble bridging the gap try stimulating the other erogenous zones, there's more than you think P.P.S wearing a second condom can help decreasing overall sensation

they're just pathetic. find a best friend, a really nice person to hang out with. & get to know them before you date. that way they feel comfortable telling you anything (eg. if they like someone else, it'll be easier to say)

Here's what I have done every time: You never know how long a girl is used to. So the only thing you can do is make sure she gets her jollies during the foreplay. Spend as long as you have to on the oral until she gets an (or more than one if you're good) orgasm. Then the pressure will be off you to perform during the actual act. Another tip: Masturbate before you leave the house to go see her. You'll be "depleted" so you'll last longer while your body builds up the reserves. Last tip: Drink a lot of water. The reason men having morning wood is stop us from urinating in our sleep. It is impossible to both pee and orgasm at the same time. As a result, you will take longer to orgasm because you will have tricked your body into thinking it has to pee. Keep in mind that no matter how long guys say they last, the recorded average is between 5 and 15 minutes. If you can do at least 5 minutes, you're golden. Good luck man.

Just sit down and tell him how you feel.Start off my saying"I love you", that's if you do!Tell him your frustrated,about the sex.Maybe he can get professional help with that I guess.Try looking up more answer on the internet.Yeah he must not be experienced.You can do it honey.

Interesting statement. U should probably post this in another section -- like in the survey section. And yes, I do agree with your statement.

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