Wat Can I Do To Make Him Last

he sticks it in 5 times and cums, anyway to cure this without goign to the doc??? Weve tried less foreplay more foreplay....

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with or without condoms Endurnz works the best, 100% natural and made here in the US. you can get it on their site or on Amazon, just Google "endurnz"

The answer: MORE foreplay. Get him off once with ur hands or oral to get the first one "out of the way", then wait a few minutes for him to recharge (he can be returning the favor on you during this intermission) and hopefully after the break he will be able to get it up for a second round during which he can enter and last much, much longer. This has always been the strategy for me lol. Remember, it's as much up to you to make it a successful session as it is up to him. Don't make him feel all the pressure to perform up to your standards. It takes both of you to make this work in favor of both of you.

Yeah man, I learned one that made the difference. I've tried everything man, and it still didn't help, but this one has made me last more than half an hour, going as hard as I can. I learned it from some guide on www.mistermanpower.com

its true most of the time, but the more you have sex the longer you'll last, like practice makes perfect. but your first time might be different. guys hardly ever ejaculate the first time do to nerves.

well, if he knows you like him, and since you want the hug to last longer then, just ask him if we coulld have a longer hug..or if your the shy type then just keep holding on..im sure he wont mind lol

If you're thinking of other things besides your girl, you're a terrible lover. Your girl should be the only thing on your mind during those wonderful moments of intimacy.

depending on dark your tan is use one of the pigment based lotions they have out now like jergens or dove for people with out a tan it gives you a hew but if you have one it makes it look fresher and even darker over time!! good luck

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