How Do U Last Longer In Bed

Seriously... it's 5 or 6 orgasms for the woman and I haven't even had one yet and she says "I'm tired... I can't go anymore." Sometimes I never even have that one... but can I help it if I can last a long time? :( who is miss dead-lee?.. I think a lot of these women are all talk.. If you're not all talk, prove it! katy kat... you taking a long time looking for someone :(

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You're doing exceptionally well! Far better than anyone I know could've done at your age. Go back and check your grammar. Remember, commas are your friends! The story itself is quite enthralling, and I'm impressed by your vocabulary. Great job!

The line has probably got to be drawn somewhere especially if he is curious about body parts and the boby parts of his little schoolmates. The little guy's morning visits are probably putting a damper on you and your spouse's love life. Get him a little book that is appropriate for his age explaining about the differences of our bodies,I 'm sure there are some books out there for just this sort of thing.

You need to practice masturbating and stopping before you reach the "point of no return" Ideally do this with your partner. After a while you will be able to delay orgasm

Trust me you don't want child workers views on this. It wont be welcomed. I personally think(as a parent of 2 boys) that children should be taught how to be independant in sleep as early as babies. I never had my children in bed with me even when they were ill. I would comfort in anyway I could but they know that Mummy and Daddy's bedroom is our private space and they don't enter it. Likewise if my eldest son is in his room we always knock and wait to enter. Im sorry if this seems harsh but what you have been doing is wrong and is teaching him things he shouldn't even be aware of yet. Yes daddies parts are the same as his thats fine but talking of what body parts women has personally i think is wrong. There is a time and place for education and i don't think it starts in mummys and daddys bed. You will have a hard time getting him to uderstand the simple things in life now. I think any health professional reading this would be horrified.

I used to have this problem too and I have tried many things to correct it. Most people would tell me to do kegel exercises to train my pelvic floor muscles to stop from ejaculating too soon. There is no way in the world you can squeeze your PC muscle enough to stop your prostate from pumping out your load. One thing I do is control my thrusting. I go in 4 strokes shallow and one deep. I also thrust in a circular motion and what this does is eliminate a lot of friction off the head of my penis so it doesn't get as much stimulation, thus me lasting longer. The third thing I do that works very well is apply pressure with two fingers onto my prostate right in between my scrotum and anus right when I feel the urge to pop. He must put enough pressure on it ( I do it kinda hard) and it makes my ejaculation urge go away in about 5-10 seconds of applying pressure. The last thing I can tell you to do is have him use his mind to think about non-sexual things while doing it. The brain is the most powerful sex organ and the command center. If he can think about sports, food or something while doing it, the physiological method might just work. I hope this helps. :-)

i usually bite my tongue, or sometimes i just dont think about anything i just do it with out thinking, cuz if i let my thoughts run wild i know its just gonna contribute to me finishing earlier than i expected. oR just hold in a big piss so u dont think about it lol

Stress, smoking,alcohol and caffeine can all affect your sex life.Or you might just be really turned on by her, which makes you climax quicker. Maybe relaxing during intercourse and not worry about the ending. Also if you feel your getting to excited, clam down go abit slower, or stop and switch to foreplay. Ensure you give her time to catch up and have fun too. Don't forget sometimes its OK to have a quicky ( there meant to be exciting and fast). But other times intercourse can long and very pleasing for both. If your still concerned you can always talk to your doctor. Good luck :)

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