How Can I Make My Boyfriend Last Longer In Bed

What can a man do to last long without ejaculating quickly?

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Oh whatever guys always exaggerate by saying "hours". I'm sure very few people could go for hours without ejaculating and even if they could, well the girl might get bored. I mean I guess you could go multiples times within that hour... But I wouldn't worry about it if I were you and definitely do not let it freak you out. Just make those 5-7 minutes awesome. An awesome 5-7 minutes is better than hours of ripping, being bored, and getting all dried out. Haha. Good luck. :o)

no offense but if he cant be sincere with a woman who is pregnant what a jerk. yes hes paying for the house n works n so forth but ur carrying two right now cut you some slack. id relax n not worry bout pleasing him sexually, take care of u n the baby. good luck

When you masturbate stop when you feel that feeling wait 30-60 seconds and repeat as long as you can. You can train it that way.

Well young ones, its a little thing called stamina. Sometimes it will get longer sometimes it will be short. It usually depends on the situation. Are you doing "IT" in a place where you can possibly gt caught? Nerves play a big role. I know when i'm doing it in a place where i know i can get caught I tend to be a lot shorter. If we are completely alone and there is no reason to get caught then i am not nervous and i am ALOT longer. Is he nervous?

She's 46 - you are 21. She's using you for sex and to make herself feel younger. Dump her and move on with your life...she sounds like a real skank. There are other women with big t-i-t-s on this planet you know... Get your a$s back in school and find one.

Before you two get steamy, say your going toilet and wack out a jobber in the bog, then when you get back to her focus on the foreplay alot so your energy kinda builds up enough for you to stick it in the woffer

Maybe she's not any good at it? Or maybe you're gay? Ha no just kidding. I can tell you though, when you finally have sex I don't know of any girl that would complain about you lasting too long.

As far as i know there isn't a way. What it sounds like you really want is for him to be BETTER in bed. You should tell him that he needs to give you more foreplay.

He might be addicted to porn (which could explain the odd and unusual sex). Some guys who watch too much porn and masturbate to the porn start having problems when they are with women. Ask him how much porn he looks at. There is also the possibility that he thinks he is into women but really isn't. There are most definitely many other possibilities, but I would suggest that he seek out the help of a sex therapist. If he is more than just sex to you, you might be able to help him work through these problems with the help of a therapist.

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