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how can i increase my time? I cant masturbate because it doesn't work when i do it lol

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Wow that's sad you need more self control. I've had guys that have lasted at least an hour. And that's always better than the ones that come too fast. If you feel like your going to come slow down or pull out for a few seconds until the feeling goes away.

A guy can last all night in bed with a woman...if she chooses to stay with you that long. From what you've said though, I don't think you'd last five minuted before she told you to get out. But...grow up before you even try.

Do you really buy into the whole astrology thing? It's a load of crap, anyone can write vague predictions and have them mysteriously come true at some point.

I would tell him to not hold back. I've had to tell partners in the past, that I enjoyed the sex much more---when they just let it all Then, he'll build more of a stamina so he won't have to focus on not coming so soon.

well guys are kind of perverted when it comes to these things. if you are ready to have sex then let it come naturally. if he is trying to get you to bed and your not ready he is just trying to get some vagina/penis action. i hope i helped!

You could practice tantric can find books on it, either in a bookstore or on the web or probably even some free material on it on the web.

It's the first time, no matter what it is not going to be pleasant. It's going to be painful for her so she won't even going to focus on how much you last, she will care about you being gentle. For best result make her be on top. (Less painful and she can adjust it) also you won't have to think about it. Couple times later just talk and ask each other what you both like and what turns you guys on. Don't think about it too much and don't stress. If its not her first time then she will try to lead you, just play along. If you still feel like you are going to come too early (like in 5 minutes) try to think of something else -like sports or something. And personal experience, when guys are drunk, it can take up to 3 hours for them to come ;)

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